A place of strength




Our highly individualized, holistic care plans are designed with two goals in mind: to help our guests achieve full functionality and the highest quality of life, and to help them recover as quickly and comfortably as possible so they can get home to the life they love. We go above and beyond to enrich their lives, focusing on not only physical function, but also mental and social well-being with compassionate caregivers and uplifting custom amenities.



  • Orthopedic rehabilitation (including progressive therapy for bone/joint rehabilitation)
  • Prosthetic training
  • Transfer-gait-ambulation training Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Functional ergonomics ADL re-training
  • Swallowing-speech/Language-voice-neurological therapy Individualized home exercise programs
  • Family/caregiver education/training

Compassionate carE

Our integrated team of experts help guide our patients through the recovery and rehabilitation of complex medical conditions and diseases. Our individualized approach allows our team to develop treatment plans designed to provide each patient with exceptional and personalized care.

Strong is ageless

Getting you home faster is the goal for Citadel Healthcare. We have experts in both the medical and therapeutic disciplines, with the best equipment and technology, to not just get you strong, but Citadel Strong.  When it comes to planning, our team creates a dynamic care plan designed to get you home, not just as soon as possible, but as safely as possible.  We persistently keep you on the move, body and mind, so your emotional well-being is on track with your physical recovery.